The Fund

The InterGen Scale-up Fund

Running alongside our expert matching program, InterGen is addressing the financial dearth for companies beyond start-up. Although start-ups have access to angel capital and micro venture, companies that have reached revenue and want to pursue global opportunities by bringing their customers new innovations that have a clear competitive advantage and high growth potential, need talent and capital to rapidly scale.

We have launched InterGen Capital, a scale up fund created by our board of directors and founded by some of Calgary’s prominent families and engaged corporations and institutions. InterGen Capital is bridging the scale-up funding gap by investing its own capital alongside angels, venture capital firms and financial institutions.

Stage – Post Seed | Pre Series A

We look for companies that are in revenue, with proven products, seeking capital to grow and scale. Our companies are led by extraordinary teams with big ideas and big markets. Our capital will be syndicated alongside angels, other funds and corporate investors.

Our Focus

Our Founding Funders are prominent Calgary families and corporations eager to re-design, re-energize and innovate Calgary. Our primary interest is technology companies that bring efficiencies and improvements to the oil and gas sector. Our network provides market access and mentorship to our portfolio companies.

Our Portfolio

Osprey Informatics enables industrial customers to reduce operational costs and mitigate environmental and safety risks through intelligent visual monitoring. The company’s cloud platform, Osprey Reach, is powered by artificial intelligence and integrated with industrial sensors and systems. Delivered as a managed service, Osprey Reach efficiently captures raw images and video, applies computer vision to analyze and structure this data, and then delivers actionable alerts and reports to a variety of operational users across the enterprise.