About Us

It all started with the Top 7 Over 70 Awards Gala founded by Jim Gray, a renowned Calgarian, oil patch pioneer and philanthropist. Over the years, Jim noticed award programs sprouting up for people in a myriad of demographic groups, except for those who were older in years. At the same time, he seemed to be meeting an increasing number of people who were starting new ventures and initiatives even after they reached traditional retirement age.

“80 is the new 65” – Calgary business legend – Jim Gray

The vibrant contributions these people were making to the community seemed to be getting a bit overlooked by society and in October 2017, the first Top 7 over 70 Awards Gala recognized and celebrated individuals who started a new adventure or reprised an existing one after the age of seventy. Over eight hundred people attended the sold-out event highlighting the remarkable ways retirees contribute to our economy and served as inspiration for us to launch InterGen.

Our bold mission – to recognize Canada’s Top 70 over 70 and fuel the next generation of entrepreneurship.

Leadership Team

InterGen is a not-for-profit led by a strong and diverse leadership team dedicated to re-energizing the Calgary economy.